valuesIt is our belief that we succeed only if our clients succeed. We define success as the creation of shareholder value.

  • Relationship Driven. We believe in long-term client relationships, not one-time transactions. We become closely involved in their success.
  • We are Straightforward. We are frank with our clients. Financing a business is a critical activity and often emotionally charged, involving upfront costs, equity positions  and the control of a company’s future.
  • We Are Selective. We work with clients where our services can result in significant impact and where our contacts, relationship orientation and direct approach significantly help them achieve their goals. We invest time in our clients to provide tangible and measurable value.
  • We Are Connected. Our partners have built direct relationships with hundreds of local, national and international lenders, venture capitalists, angel investors, corporate and strategic investors, private equity firms and alternative financing sources.
  • We Are Passionate. We are excited about what we do and what our clients do. Our enthusiasm and curiosity allow us to learn about each of our clients – enabling us to effectively represent their interests to outside capital sources.