Paul Willsey, Director – SE Region

Paul has held senior executive positions in commercial banks and credit unions.  His fundamentals were developed with over 20 ears of commercial lending experience and leadership roles at Citibank and HSBC North America. He transferred these experience to community banking and credit unions during his career

Paul WillseyPaul focuses on coaching owners and executives on all aspects of management including planning, execution, culture and measurement techniques. He works with individuals to solve operating problems, establish strategic direction and funding techniques, capital and/or debt to resolve strategic needs.

Professional Experience:

Paul moved to Southern California three years ago to assume a leadership role in a large SoCal Credit Union.  The credit union more than doubled its commercial lending portfolio during his leadership to exceed $500 million.  He instituted an SBA program and became the third largest SBA producing credit union nationally with over $30 million production in the program’s second year.

Prior to this role Paul did the same thing for a medium sized credit union in North Carolina where he moved from Rochester New York to assume the leadership role.  His experiences before that were with Citibank and HSBC North America in upstate New York leading corporate lending and, by definition of those organizations, middle market lending businesses.

In 2000 Paul left the financial services industry and founded The Willsey Company, Inc. in Rochester New York, a management consulting company.  During the tenure of this enterprise he worked with over 30 companies ranging from $3 million in sales to $350 million.  He has extensive experience in turnaround management, business valuation and shareholder representation.

Value Proposition:

Paul has strong technical expertise in management and lending including C&I, CRE, SBA, Asset Based, Construction and Small Business, (he has led or been a part of all of those programs throughout his career). This experience brings value and tools to the benefit of SC Capital Partners to assist them and their clients towards developing the best solution for success.