mifti-logoMagneto-Inertial Fusion Technologies, Inc. (MIFTI), a Tustin-based company, and the University of California Regents have been notified by the U.S. Patent Office that a patent has been issued for the production of radionuclides used in nuclear medicine. This is a major accomplishment, and a culmination of over 25 years of research in fusion technology. It is important to note that there is a current worldwide shortage in radionuclide medicines for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, heart and thyroid disease, etc. Gerald Simmons, MIFTI’s CEO, states that this is about saving the lives of patients who currently have limited access to the medical isotopes necessary to sustain and improve the quality of life. MIFTI’s technology can also be applied to a number of other emerging fields. To learn more go to www.mifti.com.