SC Capital Partners

SC Capital Partners (SCCP), founded in 2002, combines it’s extensive experience in management, exit strategies, valuations, capital formation, venture capital, capital markets and micro-cap market investment banking boutique with marketing insights and financial know-how to provide its clients with advisory services on key corporate issues such as:

  • Planning and executing an IPO or secondary offering on the TSK
  • Access to corporate debt equity capital
  • Advisory services regarding optimum growth and financing strategies
  • Overseeing and implementing effective Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Advising on strategic alliances & partnerships

Services Provided:

  • Merger and Acquisition: Succession and exit strategy consulting.  Full Mergers and Acquisitions representation with expertise to identify options and finish the transaction.
  • Debt:  Bank Financing, SBA Financing, Guaranteed Federal Government Loans, State Guaranteed Loans, Bridge Loans, Mezzanine Financing.
  • Equity Assistance:  Public or Private, Hedge Funds, Accredited Investors, Family Offices, Mergers and Acquisitions.

Types of clients:

  • An emerging growth company that has a unique growth story, revenues, solid fundamentals and financials, and a strong management team seeking an equity or debt raise in the  $1 to $20 million range
  • Companies looking to do a Reverse Merger
  • Any company who can benefit from our collective experience
  • Companies looking for advice on exit or succession planning