Tom Dierl


Tom is an accomplished business professional who brings value to clients through his leadership, operations management experience, engineering prowess, and entrepreneurial experience. His varied interests include commercial aviation, building science, operational excellence, agricultural technology, and analytical laboratory operations. Tom effectively leverages his knowledge from a variety of industries and experiences crossing them over to solve problems in other settings. He has authored an exhaustive list of business and technical plans and documents ensuring consistency while keenly targeting their effectiveness. Tom has founded and operated a number of small businesses and therefore well understands the “sell side” of the M&A experience.

Value Proposition:

Tom’s value stems from his willingness to listen, learn and build a strategy and applying appropriate tactics to get the best outcome for our valued clients. His skill set spans entrepreneurship, quality, compliance, engineering, management, and economics. Leveraging his varied career experience, Tom sees through the mud or around the corner to anticipate what might come next and how our clients can benefit from preparing for a multitude of eventualities.

Professional Experience and Educational Credentials:

Tom currently resides in Southern California, but has lived throughout the United States. He has worked as an engineer, management team member, and a consultant. Tom is also a former business owner. He holds a baccalaureate degree in aerospace engineering and mechanics, an MBA, and has completed coursework toward a PhD in economics. Tom has been working with SC Capital Partners since the beginning of 2020.