Bravo Roofing of BreaSC Capital Partners, Inc. has just completed a $250,000 Senior Term Loan for Bravo Roofing of Brea, CA through Community Bank.

The long term working capital will give Bravo Roofing the funds it needed to hire experienced personnel to handle its large and growing backlog of commercial and residential roofing projects.

This was a difficult project due to the banking industry’s general aversion to lending to small contractors given issues of percentage of completion draws and bonding. SC Capital assisted the borrower in putting together a financial package and business narrative that won over the bank.

In addition, working with our preferred service provider network, SC Capital has helped Bravo Roofing improve it’s accounting, Richard Lambright & Associates, it’s employee benefits, Burnham Benefits, it’s key-man life insurance, The Henderson Group, and it’s insurance/bonding through Insurance Solutions.