Stephen J. Fryer

Founder and Business Partner in Memoriam

After a fantastic 65 year career in business, Steve left us in September of 2023. His significant leadership roles in investment banking, venture capital, and a senior executive of several high technology manufacturing and software firms have created a wonderful legacy for SCCP. We continue to maintain our relationships and mutual support with many of these fine firms and individuals:

  • Consulting investment banker with Grant Bettingen, Inc., a Southern California broker dealer.
  • Principal and Managing Director in Ventana International, Ltd., a venture capital and private investment banking firm with operations and investors in the US, Latin America, Europe and Asia.
  • CEO and Chairman of Pen Interconnect, Inc., a NASDAQ company, which specialized in electronic circuit board and cable assembly.
  • Founder, Chairman and CEO of World Comnet, Inc. a Canadian public company
  • Founder and Chairman of Thermal Energy Development Group, and GP of a 25MW wood burning power plant.
  • CEO of Global Food Technologies Inc. focused on pathogen reduction in fish and poultry industry.
  • Founder and CEO of ACRO Corporation, U.S., and ACRO S/A, Europe, which designed and manufactured, and sold DEC compatible computer terminals worldwide.
  • Early years were spent with General Electric Co. in Electric Utility and System Automation Applications.
  • Steve is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Economics.
  • Board Member with MIFTI/MIFTEC