JD DignanJack Dignan, Research Associate

  • Received his degree from Eastern Michigan University majoring in Management with a minor in Economics. Employed in the Aerospace Industry, Autonetics, now Rockwell Intl., for eight years as Financial Analyst, Supervisor and Project Administrator on U.S. Navy Programs. Spent 32 years in the securities industry as a broker, primarily in technology and medical growth companies.
  • For 10 years, he was a consultant in mergers and acquisitions for young growth companies. His skills include the coordination of varied groups of individuals, encompassing money management, venture capital development, comprehensive financial analysis, due diligence, research, valuations and initiation and maintenance of customized business plans.
  • Co-Founder of Centurion Capital Inc., an Orange County, CA Investment Banking firm that sought out and provided first round financing for emerging companies. This included financial restructuring and coordination of the reverse merger process.
  • Joined Steve Fryer in 2003 as Investment Banker at Grant Bettingen Investment Banking which later got spun off as SC Capital Partners Inc.
  • Initiated, coordinated, structured and completed a number of reverse mergers over the last 25 years, i.e. Mitek Systems, Health Discovery, Quepasa, Calba Tech, Med Pro Safety Products, Juice Intl. Global Foods Technologies and many others.
  • Volunteer coach of elementary youth sports of Basketball and Flag Football for Costa Mesa for 6 years. Progressed to Coaching High School Sports for 9 years, including Basketball, Baseball, Cross Country and physical education instructor while maintaining the position of Athletic Director, St. Michael’s College Prep. Held the position of President of the Parents League. All of the above was accomplished while carrying on the responsibilities in the securities business as a broker.